Five Tips for Reducing Injuries in Vinyasa Yoga

Five Tips for Reducing Injuries in Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a form of yoga that normally focuses on the executing postures and the significance of breathing in a completely balanced manner. The learner will be required to go through some poses so as to complete an entire series of this type of yoga. In most of the studios and gyms that offers yoga training, most of the learners are involved in injuries. This is due to the fact that there are no trained yoga instructors in such places so as to enhance the aspect of safety while doing the exercise which is very mandatory so as to avoid the injuries. Most of the victims that are affected most are the beginners. They do not know the safety measures that are to be observed in the entire practicing of this type of yoga. Some will end up injuring their muscles while others may have difficulty in breathing as a result of trying to perform complex moves. Here are some of the key tips that you can apply so as to reduce injuries while doing vinyasa yoga.

1. Hire A Professional

This is an individual who will guide you on all the moves that are required. Therefore you should avoid doing this yoga alone as you can be involved in dangerous moves that can easily injure you. A professional knows when to engage in some moves and how to perform them in the right manner. This will be very important for those beginners who admire some complicated moves that can easily subject them to injuries. Therefore you should consider hiring a professional yoga instructor or visiting those training centers with skilled instructors.

2. Know Your Health From A Medical Expert/Doctor

This is the first step that the beginner should consider so as to know his/her state of health. There are those whose health conditions as recommended by the experts are vulnerable to injuries in the process of performing the yoga exercise. They will be advised on the postures and moves they should completely avoid so as to reduce the chances of being involved in injuries. Most of the beginners who are injured are as a result of medical problems they had before. If they had consulted a doctor, they would not have been involved in motions that could subject them to injuries.

3. Know Your Limits

A beginner cannot just start yoga and do some complex poses and postures. This implies that you should do the yoga exercises that will not hurt you. For instance if you are stretching, then do not stretch beyond that point you will be hurt. You should advance gradually from the simple exercise to more complex one. Most of the beginners are driven by the fact that the experienced ones do the complex moves and they also want to do. In the process they are injured. Even though this exercise involves the stretching of the muscles, you should try as much as possible to avoid the posture that hurts.

4. Warm Up Before Starting

This is very important as it will warm up your muscles making them ready for the exercise. Usually the cold muscles are associated with injuries. There will be sudden expansion of the muscles in case you start practicing without warming up. You will experience muscles pulls and other complications of the muscles that are painful. The best way to avoid such injuries associated with the muscles is to at least warm up before starting your vinyasa yoga. Most of the beginners suffer such muscle injuries as they do not warm up before starting their yoga.

5. Go Slow In The Process Of Learning Yoga

In this type of yoga, it is very important to understand that you are not competing with anybody. You have to learn at your own pace. Do not try to engage in more complex motions and postures just because your friends can do them. Different people learn them at different pace therefore learn at your own pace. You are not supposed to rush to the complex moves just because your friends can do them. You have to take your time learning about the balance maintenance and breathing before engaging in more ambitious moves. Most of the learners are involved in injuries just because they were trying to perform the exercises their experienced colleagues were doing.


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