Yoga Techniques Offer Natural Relief for Migraines

Yoga Techniques Offer Natural Relief for Migraines

A migraine is a form of headache, throbbing, recurring headache usually on one side of the head often accompanied by nausea. It occurs when a person in under severe stress or has gotten over that state. Even people like Freud and Caesar suffered from it. It is said that nearly 10 % of the world population suffers from it. In present days there are two theories prevalent in the medical arena explaining the mechanism of the migraine. One is vascular theory which says that the aura or pre migraine symptoms are caused by intra cerebral vasco-constriction (tightening or squeezing).

Migraine in Yoga Perspective

According to yoga perspective, migraines are caused by lack of sleep, over work, extreme stress, poor digestion, muscular tensions, poor diet, excessive mental or physical activity, worry and stress. It is also associated with liver disorders or toxic blood conditions. As per yoga it is purely a physiological process, which has its origin in mind or psyche. It is said to be the reaction of head, neck and shoulder muscles to continuous excessive physical and mental stress. This stress causes muscles of the area to tighten and squeeze the arteries and reduce the blood flow.

When that person relaxes suddenly or muscles twitch it causes muscles expansion which also stretches the walls of the arteries and when the blood is pushed into these expanded arteries it further expands them causing unbearable pain which is called migraine headache. To cure it one must improve ones digestion, be more relaxed and strengthen the muscles, nerves and blood vessels of this area with yoga for migraines.

Yoga Technique to Deal with Migraines

  1. Sit in comfortable position.
  2. Now tilt your head back as much as you can do it comfortably, please do not use force. Once it is tilted back then clinch your teeth and fix your gaze at your forehead or between your eyebrows. Remain there for 2-3 seconds breath normally.
  3. Then bring your head forward till it touches your strenal notch (neck). Clinch your teeth while keeping the gaze at brumadya or third eye.
  4. Now bring your head to normal position and from here tilt it to right side over the right shoulder, clinching teeth and setting the gaze to extreme right. Try to look as farther as you can on right side.
  5. Repeat the same process on the left side after bringing the head to normal position from right side. Please remember to breathe normally.

Benefits Yoga for Migraines

  • It rejuvenates the muscles, nerves and arteries of the neck and shoulder region, so it will indirectly alleviate your migraine.
  • It activates the neck chakra, whose partial or complete blockage causes migraine.
  • It revitalizes the junction where spinal chord enters spine from medulla oblongata.
  • It helps to cure and prevent migraine if done with some other exercises and with right diet.

The Bottom Line

Yoga for migraines are very effective in combatting stress which is a major trigger for any headaches. Yoga combines stretching and using the body with learning relaxed breathing techniques. Breathing properly is important in order to get enough oxygen into the bloodstream and clearing out toxins from your system. Meditation is also highly beneficial in preventing the anxiety and panic that often follows the onset of a migraine attack.


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