What to Wear with Yoga Pants

What to Wear with Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are no longer only worn in yoga studios and gym classes. Recently yoga pants have become the go-to option for casual women’s wear. Comfortable, slimming, and more stylish than other lounging options, yoga pants are now being worn by advanced yogis as well as people who have never done a downward dog in their life. Yoga pants are designed to allow for free movement during yoga, which translates into comfortable and casual daywear for women on the go.

If you like to wear yoga pants inside and out of the studio and wonder what to wear with yoga pants, there are numerous ways to accessorize them. What to pair with yoga pants will depend on the type of yoga pants you’re wearing as well as your surrounding environment.

Types of yoga pants

Before choosing an accompanying top, shoes, and accessories for your yoga pants, it’s important to choose a pair of yoga pants. There are several different styles out there suiting different needs.

Long flared or boot cut yoga pants

Long flared or boot cut yoga pants are among the most popular types of yoga pants in the market and some of the most popular yoga pants for casual wear. Full-length with a slight flare at the bottom, these pants are known for their flattering style.  These yoga pants have elastic waist bands, either lying flat on the waist or folding over the waist, making them extremely comfortable to wear during the day. The looser style is flattering on many different body types, making them a go-to choice in yoga wear.

Long fitted yoga pants

Long fitted yoga pants hug the body from the thighs down to the ankles. These pants are similar to leggings or tights. Some yoga practitioners prefer these fitted pants over the boot cut style because they are less likely to get in the way during certain poses and are less distracting. There is considerable variation in the tightness of these pants and they can be slightly looser or extremely snug, depending on the wearer’s personal preference.

Short fitted yoga pants

Short fitted yoga pants are like their longer cousin, but end just below the knee for a capri look. For yogis, these shorter pants are usually used for warmer environments, like hot yoga.

Yoga Pants Only

Deciding what to wear with yoga pants can be a challenge.

What to Pair with Yoga Pants


If you are looking for the best tops to wear with yoga pants, first think about the situation where you will be wearing your yoga pants. If you are wearing yoga pants to a yoga class or an exercise class, pair them with a form-fitting top. A loose T-shirt will have a tendency of falling down while in inversion poses and can cause a distraction when in other poses by hanging awkwardly. If you are in a hot yoga class, a moisture-wicking top and/or sports bra is preferable to pair with your yoga pants to keep you as cool as possible.

Outside of the yoga studio, there are a number of tops to pair with yoga pants. Even though yoga pants are casual wear, they are flattering and stylish enough to be worn around town. If you want to keep your yoga pants with a very casual look, pair them with a T-shirt. Outside the gym, a looser fitting T-shirt is the perfect top to counterbalance the tight fit of the yoga pants.

If you plan to dress up your yoga pants with more than a T-shirt, try a flowing tunic top in the warmer months or a longer sweater for the colder months. An empire cut top is also a good choice for people with a stomach trouble zone as it will draw attention to the bust, while limiting attention to the stomach and waist.

Because yoga pants tend to be tighter than other pants styles, many women prefer to pair their pants with a longer top to make their pants appear more appropriate for daily activities and errands. Longer shirts are also good to cover trouble zones that yoga pants may highlight.


Yoga pants are generally worn as casual attire and therefore the best shoes for yoga pants are casual shoes. All yoga pants will always pair with athletic shoes or fashion sneakers. In warmer weather, sandals and flip-flops are also always suitable to pair with yoga pants. In the winter months, long fitted-yoga pants can be worn tucked into casual boots. If you’re looking to dress up your yoga pants a little more, try a pair of casual and simple ballet-flats.

Try to avoid wearing shoes that are too dressy. Yoga pants are for casual wear and will look mis-matched if paired with fancy flats, dress loafers, or heels. Also, avoid wearing shoes that are too clunky, especially with fitted yoga pant styles, as they will draw attention straight to your feet.

If wearing long flared or boot leg yoga pants, avoid any shoes with a heel or large sole. Yoga pants are designed to not reach the floor to prevent tripping when in your practice. Flared or boot leg cut yoga pants will be an inappropriate length if paired with heeled or high soled shoes.


It is always important to consider what undergarments to wear with yoga pants, whether you are wearing your yoga pants to the studio or around town. Nearly all yoga pant styles are tight fitting around the hips and upper legs. Without the correct underwear it is easy to have a visible panty line. To avoid this fashion faux pas, try wearing your yoga pants with seamless panties or thongs.


In a yoga class, like any other exercise, it is recommended to not wear any jewelry or accessories. However, if you want to accessorize your yoga outfit while running errands around town, it is best to keep things minimal and casual. Try pairing yoga pants with simple and understated accessories, such as simple chain necklaces and stud earrings.

If you are questioning what to wear with yoga pants, it is always better to go more casual with simple t-shirts and sneakers or sandals. However, there are plenty of fashionable ladies who can dress yoga pants with blazers, heeled boots, or chunky vintage necklaces. Outside the yoga studio, there is no right or wrong way to wear yoga pants, so first and foremost, wear what makes you feel comfortable and stylish.


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