Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is basically a subset of Hatha yoga, which is often distinguished by its fluid transition as well as movement via a series of poses that are normally seriously planned. It consists of string, active and fast yoga postures that may not be suitable for those people with physical limitations or health complications. Each instructor who teaches Vinyasa yoga may interpret vinyasa in his or her own way. However, you can count on coordinating the fluid movement with your breath.

Vinyasa Yoga Overview

Vinyasa classes are normally categorized by level, beginner, advanced, intermediate or numbered levels 1, 2 or 3. Basically, the difficult part of the class training will depend on a person’s experience, strength as well as flexibility. A person may be in great shape, but that does not guarantee him or her to skip to level 3. You should note that each level often creates a foundation for the subsequent level’s work on poses and breathe. If a person happens to jump ahead, he or she will not be fully prepared for the experience. It is ideal that if you want to practice vinyasa yoga you start with beginner classes and consult with your teacher about when you are fit enough to proceed to the next level.

Purpose of Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga’s purpose is to ensure that a person uses his or her breathe to align his or her mind and body. Hence, if you practice this type of yoga as required, be assured of developing a stringer mind- body connection as well as growing in flexibility and strength. Also, practicing this type of yoga is fun and a great way to build community with your different classmates. Don’t you think that is great?

Benefits of Performing Vinyasa Yoga

The most visible merit you are likely to encounter once you start practicing vinyasa yoga is the flexibility and strength that you will gain from performing the poses. As a result of the concentration on breathing, a person’s lungs will in the long run get stronger. Generally, even if a person is in a non- spiritual class, the physicality of the workout and the focus on the breath will usually result in a more peaceful, mindful attitude off the mat.

People Who are Fit to Perform Vinyasa Yoga

If you sweat from time to time, if you often appreciate rhythmic movement or you are usually prone to injuries, the frequent movement between the poses may not work for you. Generally, Vinyasa yoga can move quickly but it is still a meditative practice.

However, for those individuals who are in search of a good balance between introspection and physical effort, Vinyasa yoga is definitely what they should be opting to practice. Research has proved that Vinyasa yoga is often appropriate for those individuals who want a full body exercise coupled with composure and mental strength. Each session in this type of yoga usually lasts up to 90 minutes and it have to consist of deep bends and cardio poses. In order to keep the students practicing vinyasa yoga motivated, most instructors usually use music.

 Things that Differentiate Vinyasa Yoga from Other Types of Yoga

  • There are several factors that often distinguish Vinyasa yoga from the other kinds of yoga. These factors include;
  • Unlike the other types of yoga, Vinyasa yoga normally focuses on the flow of the whole series of postures. Basically, each pose in Vinyasa yoga series is often linked in a fluid sequence that is not the case on the other types of yoga.
  • The pace of most of the yoga practices is slow. However, this is not the case in vinyasa yoga. Vinyasa yoga sessions are usually active and fast.
  • Most of the yoga practices are suited to those people who are new to yoga. However, the case with vinyasa yoga is different. This type of yoga can only be executed by an individual who is already familiar with yoga. However, no matter the difference between Vinyasa yoga and the other types of yoga; performing as require any type of yoga; be it Vinyasa, hatha or any other type, the end results will always be a healthy, happy as well as positive life.

Last but not the least; kindly ensure that you look for any reliable Vinyasa yoga instructor who will teach you this type of yoga so that you can get to experience its effectiveness.


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