The Yogi’s Choice – the Best Yoga DVD

The Yogi’s Choice – the Best Yoga DVD

Shiva Rea – Daily Energy – Vinyasa flow yoga

Shiva Rea: Daily Energy – Vinyasa Flow Yoga may have come out in 2009, but reviews and recommendations are showing that this could be the DVD of choice for a good, all round yoga workout that is suitable for all levels of yoga, with an inspirational teacher to boot. Yoga practitioner Shiva Rea is a vastly knowledgeable yoga teacher with years of experience behind her. She has brought many DVD’s out and is somewhat prolific with her brand output, but that should not deflect from the true quality of her teaching or her ability to bring yoga to the masses – for the right reasons. Rea is the real deal, and one look at the ratings given for her DVD’s show that for some she is a teacher that stands out – she shines with passion for her craft and it shows in the authenticity with which she passes on her knowledge. Yoga Journal are a great admirer of Rea’s work, and she is frequently featured in the said magazine as one of their guest writers. Well respected all round in the yoga community, you won’t go far wrong by investing your time and money purchasing this DVD.

The format of the DVD is clear and well structured: There are seven bite size workouts – each workout is 20 minutes long, short enough to keep you interested and long enough to produce results. They are as follows:

  • Seven 20-minute practices: Earth, Shanti, Heart-Air, Fire & Water, Water, Fire, Chakra Namaskar
  • Five extra segments (five to seven minutes each): Solar Meditation, Lunar Meditation, Core, Forward Bends, and Savasana
  • Six pre-set practices combining various segments
  • Yoga matrix: this gives you the ability to make your own custom practices

They are all created to increase energy levels and help maintain a good standard of health, fitness and mental balance. Practising yoga for shorter periods of time allows your body to adapt at a steady pace to the postures which can be more beneficial than more intense practise which could put more stress on your body if it is not ready for it. The sessions can be used to suit your mood: You could choose the gentle ‘Lunar’ program for total relaxation, perhaps for an early morning practise to ease yourself into your day and get your quota of daily exercise. Rea has said herself she believes a little yoga daily has greater benefits than doing the occasional intense session – where you could do more harm than good. If you are having a day where you are feeling particularly energetic, you could go for the energizing ‘Solar’ workout, which gives you a more dynamic, intense workout. As always though, take things easy and be gently with yourself so you cause no injury. The more you practise yoga, the easier it will be to tune into what you need each day and create for yourself your own bespoke program to give you the desired results, (the sessions are inter-changeable, so you could put them together for a longer workout) and hopefully, bring a sense of balance, harmony and peace to your daily life in the process.

With the Yoga Matrix, you can customise your workout with more than two hours of yoga, so one day can be completely different to the next! Allow one of the most inspiring yoga teachers to gently guide you through a transformative process that will bring a greater purpose to your typical yoga workout. The aim of the DVD format is to provide a flexible way of practising yoga that you can adapt your lifestyle to, with minimal fuss. There will always be times in your life when you cannot make it to class, or perhaps, if you are new to yoga and haven’t yet found confidence to practise yoga with other people, a DVD could be the way to go for you and this one with its broken down sessions will fit perfectly into your lifestyle at any time.

You could also use the DVD to cross train.  If you have a love of jogging, running, cycling, or weight training, this could be an ideal way to complement whatever form of exercise you currently practise. The sequences are designed to increase all over strength with suppleness which will stand you in good stead when your body needs extra support when doing other forms of exercise, with the added benefit of releasing energy. Many people, when undertaking yoga for the first time, experience a new surge of energy – not as fierce as an adrenaline rush, or as manic as a caffeine boost, more like a soft buzz that permeates your whole – and makes you feel completely balanced.

About Shiva Rea

Shiva started yoga as a way to find out more about why she had been named ‘Shiva Rea’. Her entrance to yoga happened authentically – starting when she was just 14 with nothing more than a book and a desire to find out more. She then went on to attend a Tantric school for Yoga, Ananda Marga. After some time spent travelling, and attending UCLA as a dance student of Anthropology, she spent 10 years in India studying Ashtanga yoga which led to her developing her distinctive Vinyasa – flow style. Since the she has gone on to join the faculty of UCLA where she gained her Master’s Degree. She has done several media projects each with the intention of bringing yoga into the lives of as many people as possible, in an accessible way as possible and writes for various magazines, Yoga Journal being one of them. She also contributes to Mind Body Green, the online resource for all things yoga and alternative health. There are of course the ubiquitous he has a Facebook and twitter profiles where you can keep up with all things Shiva (she has a large fan base). She has two daughters and says that they have been as big an inspiration to her as her studies in yoga. Shiva is the living embodiment of what she strives to teach. Other DVD’s by Shiva include:

So there really is something for everyone. If you wish to find out more about Shiva Rea you can visit the Shiva Rea website.


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