What You Can Achieve With Pranayama Yoga Breathing Techniques

What You Can Achieve With Pranayama Yoga Breathing Techniques

Pranayama is a yoga practice that involves several breathing techniques which can benefit the body. Most of these yogic breathing exercises have been demonstrated to be highly beneficial and can deliver positive results to help in the normal functioning of the human body. This yoga breathing technique has all it takes to improve the function of all the body organs and the overall health of the body. Indeed, it can be termed as the ultimate art of efficient breath control. In the end, the practitioner will be in a position to take control and be aware of his or her breath. Most of the benefits of this practice are spiritual, emotional and physical.

Below is a partial list of the benefits of pranayama:

  • It helps the body to do away with the excess fats and weight
  • The practice can help to improve the rate of breathing
  • It is critical in the removal of toxins and other related wastes from the body.
  • Pranayama helps to reduce the wear and tear of the heart, by stabilizing the heart rate
  • It can effectively reduce or cure all the problems that are related to the digestive system
  • It makes the immune system to be stronger, thus preventing various diseases from attacking the practitioner
  • It can help one to deal with negative emotions such as anger, depression and arrogance
  • Pranayama is a good yoga exercise that can help to enhance the normal functioning of the body organs. These organs include pancreas, kidneys, the lungs, intestines and the heart.
  • The practice is also important in enhancing the blood circulation
  • It can effectively reduce blood pressure. This is achievable by the relaxation of the body and the fact that the exercise helps to soothe the nerves.

Can pranayama help in weight loss?

Most people who are struggling with weight loss usually indulge in regular exercises. This helps in increasing the metabolism of the body and consequently burning of the calories. This is the same way pranayama can help you to lose weight. However, this practice gives results in a slow and gradual manner. You only have to modify it by particular levels in order to make the weight loss faster.

Physical benefits of pranayama

It has been proved beyond reasonable doubt that pranayama can help in the development of the lungs. If you take part in these breathing exercises, it is possible to achieve a sweet and melodious voice. The practices make the body to be strong, lean and healthy. Frequent practitioners will experience scanty excretions and a keen appetite. Yet on the face of it, the digestive system is augmented and enhanced through some of the amazing practices of yoga. Undeniably, these breathing practices also have a positive impact on the appearance of the practitioner. He or she will gain sparkling eyes and a shiny skin. Above all, the practitioner will be immune to most of the common ailments. Professional and experts have also proved that a regular practice is enough to trigger an inner spiritual light as well as peace of mind.

Precautions to observe

Just like any other yoga practice, pranayama has to be used with sheer cautiousness and sobriety. All the breathing techniques ought to be tackled with the help of a qualified yoga teacher. If it is practiced inappropriately, the benefits cannot be fully realized. For instance, the 7 basic exercises of pranayama ought to be practiced before the other yoga poses are practiced. Important techniques such as Bhastika, Alom vilom and Kapalbhati are very critical in the process of weight loss. This means that they should be practiced as regular as possible in order to enhance the weight loss process. If these breathing techniques are practiced regularly, the weight loss results can be fantastic. You can opt to practice them in one hour each day and this could see you lose up to 25 pounds within one month. In case you are suffering from any medical condition, it is important to consult a doctor before you can venture into any of the pranayama breathing techniques, and their related exercises and poses. This is important so as to avert any possible repercussions that may occur.

Without a doubt, pranayama is one of the best yoga practices that can fundamentally benefit the human body. With the big number of people desperately looking for weight loss techniques, there is no doubt that these breathing techniques can provide a memorably appropriate response to this quest. The wonderful effects of pranayama and its potention cannot be underestimated.


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