Power Yoga Poses for Beginners

Power Yoga Poses for Beginners

People have always appreciated the significance of good health for centuries. To maintain good health, they have been following different forms of exercise regimen. One of the ancient techniques that focus on enhancing the health of the body and mind is Yoga. Drawing its origin from India, yoga is majorly based on Hinduism philosophies. Yoga focuses on attaining overall good health using some exercises which are known as asanas. Just like other exercises, yoga should be learnt step by step. Here are some power yoga for beginners poses you should learn first before moving to the advanced level.

Anulom Vilom

This breathing exercise would calm the mind and make one feel relaxed. To perform this, sit with the back straight on a bed or chair. Close the eyes and breathe normally for a couple of minutes, till you feel your own breath. Close the right nostril using the right thumb and then breathe deeply with the left nostril. Next, cover the left nostril with the ring and middle finger, remove the thumb from the right nostril and then exhale. Repeat this process on the left nostril. You should repeat this yoga exercise 20 times every day.


This yoga exercise helps to strengthen the back muscles. To perform this, lie down on your stomach on a mat. The forehead should be in contact with the mat, hands should be put shoulder-width apart next to your face while the palms are pressed on the ground, and your elbows should be in contact with the your body. With the lower body and palms pressed on the ground, lift the upper-body off the floor. Inhale and try pushing the upper body towards the feet to bend backwards over the spine. Maintain this posture for 30 seconds and then resume the initial position while inhaling. This pose helps in flexibility because it stretches the shoulder, chest and back muscles.


These Yoga for beginners poses relax the body and mind. To perform this, lie down on the back on a mat. Close your eyes and keep the hands on your side. Try shutting yourself out of all the activities and thoughts. Although doing this can be a bit challenging initially, you can manage to totally detach yourself from the things around you with regular practice. Breathe normally and maintain that position for ten minutes.


This is one of the most effective yoga poses since it enhances flexibility. To perform this exercise, stand straight with the legs together while hands are on the side. While looking straight, lift the hands, without bending the arms until the elbow level. The palms should be facing each other. Now, lift the arms until your fingers are pointing towards the sky. Breathe deeply and lift the heels off the floor slowly. Standing on the toes, stretch the body as much as possible and then exhale. Assume your initial position.


These yoga for beginners poses help in offering pleasure (sukh) to the body and the mind, by relaxing it. Assume the meditation pose; sit cross-legged with your hands on your knees facing upwards, while your middle finger touches the thumb. Close your eyes, keep the back straight and breathe deeply. When breathing, stop thinking about worldly things but focus on your breath.


Lie on the belly on a mat, with the arms by the sides. After that, lift the legs, arms, torso and head off the mat in order to balance on the belly only. Hold that position for about one minute, and then come down slowly.


Lie on the belly and then bend the knees. Stretch the hands to grab each ankle. Now, pull the legs upwards from behind, and then lift the head and torso. Hold it for about one minute, and resume the initial position gently.

From these yoga poses, you can see that Yoga is a simple but effective exercise that helps enhance both mental and physical well-being of a person. It achieves this by making the body flexible and lubricating various joints, ligaments and tendons. It includes breathing techniques which help calm and deepen the breath. It can also strengthen and lengthen the muscle as well as enhance muscle elasticity and joint mobility.


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