Jade Yoga Mat

Jade Yoga Mat

Yoga is a wide collection of spiritual and physical practices aimed at aligning the mind, body and spirit to a state of oneness with creation. It also aims at equipping an individual with full comprehension of the universe. Contrary to common belief, yoga is not a religion but instead it is a practice of personal review and exploration. It therefore can be integrated with any belief system. Among the equipment needed for yoga practice, is a mat. Most of the yoga activities require one to be in contact with the floor at one point or another and therefore mats come in handy. For this reason the article focuses on the necessary qualities of these mats and more particularly looks at Jade Yoga Mats.

About Jade Yoga

Jade Yoga sprung from the Jade Industries, a firm that made natural rubber rug pads that don’t slip in the 1970s. The industry had also been selling rug pads to a selected group of people that practiced yoga in the region for them to use them as yoga mats. The rug mats first captured the attention of B.K.S Iyengar, a yogi that was trying a yoga demonstration on an oriental rug in the U.S. After occasionally sliding on the rug, it was removed and under it was a rug mat. The rug mat functioned efficiently and that incident marked the birth of the first yoga mat. In 2002, Jade Yoga seriously begun after a confident yogi described to them the failures of the PVC and plastic mats. Jade Industries was already producing natural rubber rug pads and therefore the Jade Yoga Company tackled the issue from the angle and came up a natural rubber yoga mat that was a first of its kind.


Jade Yoga provides customers with the high quality, environmental friendly and best performing yoga mats. All their mats are made in the U.S from natural rubber thus making the product sustainable. Jade mats bring together western technology and rubber from the Far East to form a perfect mat for all yoga practices. The natural rubber used has splendid slip-resistance qualities and therefore minimizing the chances of one slipping and falling even when it is wet with sweat. Jade mats also offers unrivalled cushioning, incomparable compression-set resistance and exceptional flexibility for a comfortable yoga practice. The mats are available in different colors, lengths and shapes.

Some of the products under the Jade Yoga mats include:

Harmony Professional Yoga Mat

The most common Jade Yoga mat stands to be the premium yoga mat. It has a thickness of 3/16 inches and offers perfect cushioning and traction.it is available in two lengths and in different of colors.

Jade Saffron Yoga Mat

This yoga mat was created with the intent of collecting funds for promoting autism awareness, support, research and education. With only a short time in the market, every $5 from the sale was directed towards the autism program.

Jade Key Lime Yoga Mat

Also a short term product, the mat comes in a bright color to facilitate an extra energetic practice.

Jade Teal Yoga Mat

This mat is also a short term product in the market. The intent behind it was to forward every $5 from sales towards the support, awareness, education and research of ovarian cancer.

Jade Travel Mat

This is the lightest Jade Yoga mat. It has a thickness of 1/8 inches and is perfect for those that prefer closer contact with the ground. The fact that its light makes it easily portable. It is also available in two lengths and in a number of colors.

Jade Elite Yoga Mat

This mat is firm and dense for advanced yoga practices. It has a smooth texture and is very strong. It is available in three lengths, 68’’, 74’’ and 80’’ and in two widths 24’’ and 28’’.

Jade Fusion Yoga and Pilates Mat

The mat is 5/16 inches thick and is perfect for yoga and core fitness practices. It is available in different colors and in two lengths, 68 inches and 74 inches.

Harmony XW Yoga Mat

This extra-long mat is available in two colors and in three lengths. Currently it is also available in an extra width of 28 inches. It is 3/16 inches thick and the wide width allows you practice some exercises requiring a lot of space comfortably.

Over the years studies have identified a number of positive attributes associated with yoga. These Jade Yoga Mats therefore allow you practice your yoga exercises comfortable in order to reap all associated the associated benefits.


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