Iyengar Yoga

Getting Started with Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga is believed by many to be one of the most effectives type of yoga. As a practice, this style of yoga has a lot of benefits for all people. It focuses on the proper body alignment during exercise. Most Iyengar instructors utilize many different props to help all students complete different postures safely. Iyengar yoga emphasizes technique and precision, and it a fantastic style of yoga for all beginners, as the emphasis is on fundamentals and technique. This article has some step by step instructions that people have to do, so they can start learning how to do this yoga properly. There are some useful tips for all who want to learn about this particular yoga practice.

Practice how to breathe properly

This is the first thing that people have to do in Iyengar yoga. This yoga requires all people to stay calm and mindful. It is important to learn how to breathe properly. This breathing practice is commonly known as pranayama. This breath control system is the main part of yoga. It is very useful to keep all muscles oxygenated properly. This activity can help all students avoid some unwanted feelings of breathlessness. Pranayama is an important part in any types of yoga, including Iyengar. This breathing practice should be done at the beginning of all Iyengar yoga sessions to prepare the mind and body.

Learn some basic yoga postures

There are some basic yoga postures that should be learned properly. People need to learn about some yoga postures or ananas. This yoga has various postures that can improve the overall health of all people. These postures are specially designed by Iyengar to help their followers get maximum benefits from these postures. All yoga postures should be done on a comfortable yoga mat. People can also use folded blanket for starting their yoga postures. Mountain pose is the simplest posture that people can do in this Iyengar yoga.

Follow the proper sequences

It is important to know the sequences of the yoga postures or ananas. This type of yoga focuses on the right sequences of yoga postures. People need to read “The Art of Yoga” instruction book. In this book, there are some proper ananas sequences that can be learned easily. This book is written by B.K.S Iyengar, the creator of this yoga. By following these simple sequences, people are able to gain all benefits from this yoga. All posture sequences are created to improve body’s flexibility easily. Therefore, all students have to follow the right sequences of the yoga postures.

Start doing meditation

This is another important thing in Iyengar yoga. All students have to learn how to meditate well when doing this yoga. Meditation is very useful to combine some proper body postures with the right breathing technique. There are many benefits that people can get from proper meditation technique. This activity can help all students calm their mind. It can also create positive mind in most students. Positive mind is very useful to help all students reach their success easily. Meditation can improve the overall blood circulation around the body. Some studies show that meditation is good for human’s immune system.

Finish your routine with relaxation

This is the last step that all students should do after doing this Iyengar yoga. This relaxation is the only period when people can start relaxing their body deeply. They should concentrate on their breathing. They should also remove some distractions from their mind completely. This step is proven to be very effective to reduce stress level significantly. This relaxation should be done for about 5-10 minutes at the end of this yoga session. This step is very useful to create calm mind easily. It is also important to relax all muscles after they are stretched during the yoga session.

They are some benefits that people can get from Iyengar yoga. Many people are interested to learn about this yoga. They believe that they are able to improve their overall health by doing this yoga. This activity should be done regularly. There are some yoga instructors who are ready to help all students learn how to start doing this yoga properly. It is necessary to find high quality instructors who are certified as the professional yoga instructor. These certified instructors are trained well to provide the best yoga instruction for all students. Start doing this yoga to improve your overall health today.


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