Finding the Right Yoga Shorts

Finding the Right Yoga Shorts

In  the 104-degree heat of a hot yoga class, the last thing you want is to be sweating in is long non-breathing yoga pants or capris, which serve the same function as a wetsuit – only in this case raising your body temperature another few degrees when instead you want to be cooling down. Opt for yoga shorts instead, which breathe easy and allow for a lot of exposed leg to sweat freely (and thus also naturally cool you down.)

Yoga is a personal thing, and as such you are essentially looking at your reflected image in the mirror for an hour and a half. So unless you prefer to do yoga naked (link to article), then there’s no reason why you should not be feeling good about yourself and your body during your practice. This includes wearing not only something comfortable, but something that makes you feel good about YOU. Yes, it’s all inside, but if you are worrying about your butt cheek popping out to one side, it’s easy to lose your meditation to self-consciousness.

That’s where yoga style comes in: find a few pieces that you feel great in, that move with you in the yoga room, but that also exude your unique personality and energy. (If we were all wearing black boy shorts, there’d be something completely not right about that!) And with so many fun and functional options to choose from, there’s no reason for us all to look like we come from the same clan.

Be bold. Pick a style that feels like you. A color or print that personifies you and makes you feel good about yourself while you are “in it” with yourself, as this is the one outfit that few others will see!

Here’s how we rated a variety of styles based on fit/function, style and durability and that will hopefully inspire your yoga style:

K. Deer Haute Yoga Bum Bum Shorts

K. Deer Shorts
Fit/Comfort: K. Deer is not kidding when they claim that the shorts “fit like an invisible glove.” The fabric is so light, you almost forget you are wearing anything! The shirring ties on both sides allow you to adjust the fit to work best for you. The center back double pleat gives your bum just enough coverage. Same is true for the front thighs with no riding anywhere! An added plus: you need not wear under garments. Really! (Rating: 5.0)

Style: There are tons of cute prints, but my favorite is the python. The shirring on both sides makes for a great fit, but also great fashion. Did we mention that they also offer cute matching head bands? (Rating 5.0)

Durability: These shorts require hand wash in cold water and hang dry. After numerous washings, fit and color are as good as new.

Price: $42.00

K. Deer Haute Yoga Bum Bum Shorts

Overall Rating: 5.0

Shakti Activewear Side String Shorts

Shakti Tie-Dye Yoga ShortsFit/Comfort: The Coolform light fabric is lightweight and is meant specifically for heated rooms and hot places. The Shatki adjustable drawstring ties at the top for the fit that best works with your body! (Rating: 4.5)

Style: There are lots of fun prints and solids to choose from, but I particularly love the tie dyes.  While the adjustable side drawstring is functional it serves equally well as a shirring fashion detail.  (Rating: 5.0)

Durability:  Sweat. Washed. Sweat. Washed. Repeat 20 times. Fit and color is still great. (Rating: 5.0)

Shakti Activewear Side String Shorts

Price: $49.95

Overall Rating:  4.8

Honey Girl’s Kelly Reversible Shorts

Honey Girl Kelly Yoga Shorts
Fit/Comfort:  The nylon spandex is smooth as silk against the skin – and perfect for being wet, whether that be sweating or swimming. And because the shorts are reversible, the suit’s full lining serves double duty as a reversible solid color. Best of all is the perfect fit. Full coverage in the back, keeps your bum intact, but front coverage is equally solid with no riding or crawling up the leg. The added plus, is that you can take these in the pool or ocean after your yoga class! (Rating 5.0)

Style: Fun Hawaiian prints and solids. But the added benefit is getting a short that either reverses from print to solid or from solid to another solid color, essentially giving you two shorts for the price of one! In addition, you can request to have a drawstring added, which adds a fun tie detail that is equally fashionable as functional. (Rating: 4.5)

Durability: It’s best to hand wash this these, but the added benefit is that it can withstand the sea or the pool. Also recommend to dry in doors as the sun caused a bit of color fade. (Rating: 4.5)

Price: $42

Overall Rating: 4.7

Honey Girl’s Kelly Reversible Shorts

Anahata’s Womens Yoga Short with Tie Sides

Anahata Yoga Shorts
Fit/Comfort:  The quick drying Polyester Spandex is fully lined to help absorb excess moisture allowing you to stay cooler longer.   I also love the drawstrings on the side that allow you to manage the length of the fit so that the shorts don’t crawl up. Bum coverage is great as well. (Rating: 4.5)

Style:  I love the wide variety of fun prints and solid colors. The drawstrings on each side ensure not only a great fit (as mentioned above) but also serve as a fun shirring style statement.  (Rating: 5.0)

Durability: 20 wears and washes and it still looks almost new with a just a bit color loss and stretch around the elastic waist.  (Rating: 4.5)

Anahata’s Womens Yoga Short with Tie Sides

Cost: $55

Overall Rating:  4.5

Jala’s Tie Dye Boy Short

Jala Tie Dye Boy Shorts
Fit/Comfort: While I was a little hesitant on a one-size-fits-all short, this form fitting seamless short with a wide band waist provides just enough coverage on the bum and the front thighs. I also love the super-soft non-lined fabric, which stretches and moves with your body.  (Rating: 4.8)

Style: There are two options for this particular boy short – one in brown tie-de and one in red. Perhaps it’s that I am a fan of tie-dye right now, or that these are the right color combinations, but they both fit the bill for those that appreciate sophisticated hippiness. (Rating: 4.8)

Durability: The super comfy fabric needs to hand washed. Fit and and fabric hold up well. (Rating 4.5)

Price: $36

Jala’s Tie Dye Boy Short

Overall Rating:  4.7

Jala’s Ombre Flat Waist Yoga Short

Jala Ombre Yoga Shorts
Fit/Comfort: Jala’s Flat Waist Yoga Short provides more coverage on both front and back. That said, the heavier cotton fabric definitely felt a little too dense in the high temperatures and tends to ride up a bit on the inner thighs. (Rating: 4.0)

Style: We do like the individually hand-dyed patterns, but the style of the short falls a bit “short”. (Rating 3.5)

Durability:  The added benefit of the natural tye-die is that the more you wear and wash it, the more character it will take on as the shades change. (Rating: 4.8)

Price: $46

Jala’s Ombre Flat Waist Yoga Short

Overall Rating: 4.1

Lululemon’s Boogie Short

Fit/Comfort: I love the cottony-soft feeling that Full-On Luon™ is known for and the sweat-wicking, breathable fabric is certainly a plus in 104 degrees. The boy short coverage is a little longer at the back for a bit more bum coverage, which is great. Unfortunately the coverage on the front is a bit shorter, it crawls up on the inner and front thighs, taking attention away from my inner OM. (Rating: 2)

Style: I was not impressed with the limited choices of colors and prints, which tended to be neon/geometric, so I opted for basic black. (Rating: 2)

Durability:  Lots of sweat. And many washings and the shorts look like they came out of the bag yesterday. (Rating: 5)

Lululemon’s Boogie Short

Price: $42

Overall rating: 3

Victoria’s Secret Best Loved Yoga Short

Fit/Comfort: I was reasonably impressed with the lightweight fabric, which allows feels breathable. The fit is more of a biking short than a yoga short. The challenge with the additional coverage is that it rides up (no pun intended) on both the front and the back.  (Rating 1)

Style: If I liked the prints, I would say the fold-over waistband was a style plus, but despite ordering one print (that I was only on the fence with to start), I received another, which was neon, which, let’s just say will never hit the studio again. (Rating: 1)

Durability: Let’s just say I only sweat in this one once, but washed it plenty of times. Given that it has limited wear, it still washed out reasonably well. (Rating: 3)

Price: $29

Victoria’s Secret Best Loved Yoga Short

Overall Rating: 2

Do you have a favorite yoga short? Send us your suggestions in the comments section below.


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