The Best Standing Yoga Poses Worth Trying

The Best Standing Yoga Poses Worth Trying

Yoga is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise out there. It offers physical, spiritual, and mental balance that no other type of workout can provide the body. There are so many unique poses that offer different benefits, and learning each of their benefits and how to do them may just boost your desire to further take advantage of Yoga. Try out these standing yoga poses today.

Mountain Pose

The mountain pose also known as Tadasana is a fundamental and strong standing pose. It offers various benefits such as improved circulation in the body and a strong digestive system. This pose has also been linked to providing a positive feeling of exhilaration and peace. To do the mount pose, start by standing with your feet planted firmly on the ground. Have your arms and shoulders relaxed at all times with your palms facing your body. Make sure to breathe very deeply to concentrate on pulling in your abdominal muscles while lengthening and strengthening your entire spine. Breath regularly, and hold the pose for 1 minute. When you’re ready, stretch your arms straight to the air, and slowly bring your palms to reach the wall behind you.

Tree Pose

The tree pose also known as the Vrksasana pose can help to increase overall strength, balance, while also toning the calves, ankles, and thighs. To perfectly do this pose, start off with the basic mountain pose. Now, try to position your right foot, with all its toes pointing directly at the floor right against the inner side of your left-thigh. As you breathe deeply, place both your arms out to be parallel with the floor placed at your sides where your palms are faced down. While you hold on to this position, place your hands to your chest and hold for 1 full minute. Do not forget to breath and make sure that your spine stays straight and elongated at all times to really challenge your muscles.

Warrior Pose

Warrior Pose at the Beach

Warrior pose at the beach.

The warrior pose is practiced in all types of Yoga, as it helps to increase flexibility, strengthen the core and legs, while also improving posture. Technique plays a really important role with this pose, because you won’t be able to receive its benefits with the wrong posture. After you finished the mountain pose, place your bend your right knee in front of your creating a forward lunge. Make sure the foot in front of you is facing the front wall, while the foot in the back is parallel to the wall in front of your body. When you are at this position, reach your arms out wide so that they are both long and parallel to the ground. Breathe slowly and strongly to hold this pose for 1 minute.

All Yoga poses whether you’re standing or laying down offer various health and mental benefits to people. As long as you’re posture is correct and you are breathing properly, you will receive all the wonderful benefits that Yoga has to offer. Stay strong throughout each pose, and don’t ever forget to breathe.


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